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About Us
Who We Are
Boys & Girls Clubs of El Camino Reál was established in 1989.  The
Club has been in the forefront of youth development since that time working
with young people primarily from disadvantaged circumstances.  In recent
years, the Club has experienced tremendous growth, increasing our annual
total youth served to over 1,000 youth in expanded service areas.
Our Services
Boys & Girls Clubs of El Camino Reál has committed to providing youth
ages 6 to 18 with a tangible measure of hope.  We offer the children lessons
of leadership, guidance, and direction that is so often lacking in their lives.  Our
trained professional staff members respect and listen to the Club members
we serve.  We provide a safe environment where children can have fun and be
themselves.  Our activities are structured and interesting...channeling a child's
youthful energy into challenging pursuits.
  • Dedicated youth facility
  • Open daily Monday - Friday
  • Trained, professional staff
  • Affordable for all Youth
Boys & Girls Clubs of El Camino Reál operates by means of the generosity
and kindness of individuals and businesses who support the mission of the
organization in the communities we serve.  We also receive local, state, and
federal grant money to help sustain the organization's programming.
Boys & Girls Clubs of El Camino Reál operates three clubsites throughout
Natchitoches and LaSalle Parishes.  If you are interested in employment with
our organization, simply complete our
application for emloyment and fax your
completed application to 318-352-6261 ATTN:  Human Resources.  
Current Positions Available
Part time Bus Driver, must have Chauffeur's or CDL License (updated 1-10)
Part time Program Staff, all clubsites (updated 1-10)
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