Boys & Girls Clubs of El Camino Reál members received a big surprise this
week.  Children ages 6-18 are eligible each year to receive free Easter
baskets loaded with toys and goodies.  This year, the Service League of
Natchitoches opted to deliver the donation a week early allowing children to
get a jump start to their Easter Holiday.  

The Service League has been a longtime supporter of Boys & Girls Clubs
and makes annual contributions to our efforts as mentioned above.  The
baskets are, in some cases, the only gift most of our children will receive in
recognition of this major religious holiday.  "Without the assistance of the
Service League each year, I'm not sure if our club members would be able to
celebrate the Easter Holiday as every child deserves to.  The ladies of the
Service League have been so generous over the years.  They offer their
time, treasure, and talent to our organization as a means to provide
dedicated community service to Natchitoches Parish youth," stated Jeremy
Deming, Chief Professional Officer.  

With low membership fees and a nationally recognized youth development
curriculum, isn't it time you checked out one of our clubsites?    

For more information or if you need membership registration and/or
sponsorship materials, contact us at 318-352-6268.   
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Easter Basket Donation from The Service League
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The Service League of
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prior to the Easter Holiday
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