Membership Fee $10.00 per school year &  $90 per summer (June - August)
For a minimal fee of only $10 per school year and $90 per summer, your child
can utilize all of our programs and services at
Boys & Girls Clubs of El Camino
.*  This cost represents our expense for registration and processing. For that
reason, no refunds are given for any unused portion. Members must have their
membership card with them whenever they attend the club. A duplicate
membership card can be purchased for $1 in the event of a lost or stolen card.
Expired memberships must be renewed within 30 days of expiration in order to
attend club activities.

Programs Offered at Boys & Girls Clubs of El Camino Reál

Power Hour: Bring schoolwork to the Club and use the resources of the Learning
Center and trained professional staff. We provide fun activities designed to
improve reading and math skills. Earn power points for completing homework
assignments, participating in academic games or completing power pages.

Goals for Growth: Teaches club members skills for setting and achieving goals,
helps them identify their own strengths and enhances their self-esteem by
reinforcing their progress and recognizing their success in realizing their goals.

SMART Girls: This program encourages girls between the ages of 10-15 to adopt
healthy attitudes and lifestyles that will enable girls to develop their full potential
into successful womanhood.

SMART Kids: This program helps kids develop personal safety habits and
practical skills needed to be safe at the club, at home, and in the neighborhood.

Computer Skills Lab: Allows kids to learn and practice new ways of using a
computer program to assist them in school and at home.

Master Card Program: This program helps kids develop skills in problem solving,
good sportsmanship, and conflict resolution.

Intramural Leagues: Competition in flag football, basketball, soccer, foosball,
billiard games, board games, and many others.

Keystone Club: A chartered small-group leadership and service club for boys &
girls ages 14-17. Officers are elected by their peers.  Members implement
activities in areas such as services to their local Club and community, leadership
development, education and career exploration, free enterprise and social

Torch Club: Chartered small-group leadership and service club for boys and girls
ages 11-13. Members are taught about the election of officers process.  They
work together to plan and implement activities in areas such as services to their
local Club and community, education, health & fitness, and social recreation.

Youth of the Year: Boys & Girls Clubs of El Camino Reál will recognize and
celebrate Club members’ service to their local Club, community and family,
academic performance, life goals and poise, and public speaking ability.

Youth of the Month: Club members are recognized monthly for behaviors
consistent with the Youth of the Year program. Youth of the Year is chosen from
the pool of our Youth of the Month honorees.
Membership & Program Information
Core Program Areas

Boys & Girls Clubs of El Camino
Reál provides diverse activities
that meet the interests of all
youth in the community. The
Club offers program activities in
five core areas:

Character & Leadership
These programs empower youth
to support & influence their club
and community, sustain
meaningful relationships with
others, and develop a positive

  • Torch Club
  • Keystone Club
  • Youth of the Year

Education & Career
These programs enable youth to
become proficient in basic
educational disciplines, apply
learning to everyday situations,
and embrace technology to
achieve success in a career.

  • Project Learn
  • Power Hour
  • Academic Games
  • Computer Lab/Skills

The Arts
These programs enable youth to
develop their creativity and
cultural awareness through
knowledge and appreciation of
crafts, performing arts, and
creative writing.

  • Craft Projects
  • Journal Writing

Sports, Fitness, & Recreation
These programs enable youth to
develop fitness, positive use of
leisure time, skills for stress
management, and social skills.

  • Intramural Leagues
  • Open Gym (where available)
  • Gamesroom
  • Board game clubs

Health & Life Skills
These programs help youth
develop the capacity to engage
in positive behaviors that nurture
their own well being, set
personal goals, and live
successfully as self-sufficient

  • SMART Moves
  • Goals for Growth
"My membership card is my
responsibility.  I keep it with me all the

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